Twin Flame Body Practitioner Module One (Part One) Level One (Spirit Subtle Body )

Module One Part One - The Inner Twin Flame

Hello and welcome to Twin Flame Body Practitioner. This course is intended to get you started as a true 5D Level Healer and Practitioner. The material will be new, and possibly very new to you.

Module One is all about

  • Initiating the downloaded Diamond Code DNA sequences and Upward movement
  • Getting to know you, yourself, deeper, higher and within -very high profound experiences
  • Opening you up, your High Heart and Chakras, and channels
  • Finding your Inner Twin Flame - profound deep intimate love felt
  • Getting Healthy, feeling youthful vitality

With each module we will also be meeting one on one, so that you are able to gain a comfortable level and understanding.

Even if you have been doing things for a while, you will find brand new information here which is vital to success and actual Sacred Living in Union.

I have taken the best of what has helped me, distilled it down and have created it to put into this course. I will be working with you, offering a group online coaching segment monthly for support as well as one on one coaching. This will help your personal Union as well as enabling you to help others by Module 3. You will need successful completion of Module 3 part 2.

The initial course is laid out in 3 main Modules, each module having two parts. Upon satisfactory completion of Module 3 you will receive a Certificate.

What do you gain?

  • Your "SELF" - deeper and higher connection - guaranteed
  • Balance of Masculine and Feminine internally, externally in a very Natural Body Manner
  • Extreme Great Health
  • 5D Sacred Sexual Love Experiences and Healing

I look forward to seeing you in the Course

Warm Regards

Patricia McNeilly

Master Teacher and Healer of the Twin Flame Body

5D New Earth Guide

Your Instructor

Patricia McNeilly
Patricia McNeilly

Hello! I am Patricia McNeilly. I am located in Chicago IL USA. I have been on the Twin Flame Journey all my life, but did not realize it until my awakening in 1997. In 1997 it only felt like some sort of spiritual and health quest. It still took several years and a few more activations to realize that I was on a real journey. A Twin Flame Journey, which involved an actual person. I have dreamed my Twin Flame, without a real context for this, since the time of a late teenager. I still managed to lead a somewhat traditional life. In 2006 I experienced a tremendous surge and leveling of my life which turned some things upside down. It was then that I really made the effort to tune in, work on things, and feel. I purged, I learned and grew. My entire impetus in creating this course is to now help others to be who they have been born to be, and to be In Love. I am very proud of my work and have distilled the best of my actual from-scratch-homegrown learning while being guided continually by my Higher Self and God. I have had many times to reinvent myself and have always risen to the top again. My greatest love, besides my true love, my Twin Flame, is loving people. I am a people person and whole-heartedly believe that Love Heals!

I am a published author of five books with more in the works. I have created 30 webinar tutorials and several High Heart Twin Flame Union Meditations. I have done public speaking, led groups,and helped people heal from PTSD, Phobias, Traumas, breakups, food sensitivities, chronic conditions, as well as find real love, and blossom out the Love from Inside. I have created this course from the best of my best experiences in order to help others begin to help other newly awakened people find the love within, heal and be in Love.

Thank you

Patricia McNeilly


Master Teacher and Healer of the Twin Flame Body

Guide to the New Earth 5D

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - I highly recommend that you continue with the material without too much space in between. The Channel opening exercises will need you to devote a minimum of 30 minutes per day to practice and up to two weeks per exercise. Therefore two exercises per day should take you not more than one month per module, although it can be sooner. You have online access 24/7 but feeling that you have opened your channels occurs in about 2 weeks with practice.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have access to this course for up to one year. After that, you will be expected to be practicing and possibly helping other people as clients.
What if I am not understanding the course?
This is something entirely new which is only just beginning. As much as I would like to offer a refund, I will prefer to work with you to determine where you may be stuck or not understanding. If you are still completely not wishing to go forward after practicing for a full 30 days and the coaching from me, I will refund 25% back to you. The material is more than valuable for you as a way to clear you for life and you learn about your own Twin Flame Body, the New Body Template. This is truly the value for you and your True Love.
What can I do with this course?
Work and earn! My intention is that you become a truly self reliant person, who is in love, enveloped within your own Essence. Further that should you choose to, you can become a Practitioner within your own community and through other efforts the opportunity to travel to other parts of the world. This level of healing will be for people who can truly be connected and Fifth Dimensional. This is very new. However, many people will be greatly helped from this level of healing to avert full blown illness, to help them release, purge patterns and feel better and well. Much more is to come but that is what I can say for now.
What if I am not with my Twin Flame?
This is a majority of us! Do not worry, in fact, in some ways this does benefit your level of learning because you are already naturally using your heart instead of the human voice or conversations. Do not allow separation to deter you, it is not a pre-requisite.
How will I do this work?
When you approach the completion of Module 3 we will make a time for your Activation. This will enable a much more effortless way of working and living in two levels, multidimensionally. I will also have available a module for being an entrepreneur.

Thank you for buying my course.

Module One is all about

  • Getting to know you, yourself, deeper, higher and within
  • Opening you up, your High Heart and Chakras, and channels
  • Finding your Inner Twin Flame
  • Getting Healthy

It is my intention that you have a deeper understanding of this Twin Flame Ascension process. That you create higher experiences for yourself and your other half. Help you to feel confident in your own abilities to help other people. Some of the areas this is useful in are:

  • Working with other professionals in a professional context
  • Helping your Children and family or friends
  • Helping to heal your own Twin Flame Union
  • Helping others break and heal from Addictions, Chronic Conditions and other future abilities which will take this further.
  • Opening your High Heart which brings more to come in order to bring you beyond this level.

Higher Level healing is here and you will be the Living Bridge for it!

This course is closed for enrollment.